The Best Mobile Phone Applications

For your summer vacation, besides sun crème, swimsuit and other things you will take along with you, you need to download and install some of the best smart mobile phone applications that will make your days even more enjoyable.  Here are some of the top summer vacation apps:

  1. Sun Shield – When you are on your vacation, especially on the beach, you want to have a nice tanned skin. However, sun’s rays are not always so friendly; they can even be dangerous! This application will make you avoid burning. When you activate this application, it will read your current location and temperature. When it is time for you to step aside and go into a shade, it will let you know.
  2. H2O Alarm – When you are on the beach, you can easily forget how important water is. In order to avoid dehydration, this very useful application will remind you to drink water regularly.  With few simple steps, you will be ready to use it: just feed your weight, and number of times you want to be reminded by H2O alarm and this mobile phone app will do the rest.
  3. Anti-Mosquito – You know how mosquitoes can ruin your holiday. With the help of this application, your phone will emit sound of extremely high frequencies that will repel mosquitoes. You will enjoy your holiday even more without mosquitos around.
  4. Shazam – You already know how irritating it can be when you hear a song, and have no idea who sang it, and its name. With one simple click, Shazam will reveal this secret to you, and you will memorize your favorite vacation song right away.
  5. Soundcloud – Thanks to Shazam, you know the name of the song, but you now want to play it. You can do that if you download and install Soundcloud. With this mobile app, you can monitor the activity of your favorite artists. You can also interact with others and share some audio files of your own if you like. With Soundcloud, you have everything in one place – upload and download, listen to songs you like, share and discuss with others. –
  6. AmazonKindle – Reading a book on the beach while enjoying a cup of coffee or some fresh, cold and juicy cocktail is priceless. With Amazon Kindle, you can read your favorite books whenever you want. Install this amazing mobile app, and you will be able to download and store over a thousand free books; and if you like, you will be able to purchase some too.
  7. You might also consider applications like mobistealth or even the highster mobile. There are reviews on these available so that you can get to know more about them. To know if mobistealth does work, you will get all the facts about this software app from these reviews.  It, basically, allows you to track another person through his or her phone. In a similar fashion, the highster program does the same, which you will get to see through mobile website. However, unlike the latter, the mspy customer reviews will let you into an application that can also be used as an alternative to the above. Mspy has really gained customers’ satisfaction.

Find your friends –Crowd on a beach is completely normal during hot summer days; with this application, you will easily find your friends in that crowd. Just remind them to install this application too, and you will find one another really easy because it will lead you to exactly where they are on the beach.